Raashii Khanna Birthday 2023: Lesser-known facts of the actress

Raashii Khanna is among the most popular pan-India actresses. Be it Hindi or regional South cinema, she has left her mark everywhere. Today, on the occasion of Raashii Khanna Birthday 2023, here`s looking at some of the lesser-known aspects of the actress.

A Nature Enthusiast

While glimpses of Raashii`s appreciation for nature occasionally grace her social media, the depth of her connection with the environment remains a hidden gem. Amidst hectic schedules, she finds solace by escaping into the lap of nature, recently participating in an “art of living” program to further nurture this bond.

Silent Acts of Charity

Behind the glamour, Raashii is a silent philanthropist. Choosing to celebrate birthdays with acts of kindness, she consistently directs her efforts towards charity. Her belief in `Neki Kar Dariya Mein Daal` reflects a genuine commitment to making a positive impact without seeking the spotlight.

Fitness Devotee

Beyond the radiant allure of her figure lies a dedicated fitness aficionado. Raashii meticulously adheres to workout and diet regimens, embracing a holistic approach that includes yoga, MMA, and various forms of fitness. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle serves as an inspiration.

Poetic Soul and Vocal Virtuoso

Beyond the silver screen, Raashii Khanna dons the hat of a poet and a singer. Her proficiency in writing poetry showcases a creative depth beyond acting. Songs like “You Are My High” and “Villain” resonate with audiences, and the latest `Soul of Satya` which she sang in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi showcases her multifaceted talents.

Academic Aims

Before the glitz of Bollywood beckoned, Raashii harbored ambitions of becoming an IAS officer. Despite the shift in destiny, her initial dreams reflect a strong academic foundation and a drive for excellence.

Enduring Friendship

In the transient world of entertainment, Raashii Khanna`s enduring friendship with Vaani Kapoor stands out. Through changing times, these two divas have been pillars of support for each other, transcending the superficialities of the industry.

Linguistic Brilliance: Raashii Khanna Dazzles as Singer and Hindi Dubbing Artist

What truly sets her apart, however, is her dedication to linguistic diversity in the film industry, excelling in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Her recent cover version of the title track for the upcoming short film “Soul of Satya” exemplifies her multilingual proficiency.  Raashii not only lent her voice to the cover song but also took on the role of dubbing for the Hindi version of the film, showcasing a rare and impressive mastery of multiple languages, solidifying her status as a rare gem in the realm of multilingual talent in Indian cinema.

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